prepping the compost + weekly chores + NEW CHANNEL

oh, hey there. if you’re into youtube videos on beginner homesteads, PLEASE support us. we just started our channel: Steady Faith Steady Home. sharing our journey as we make our homebody dreams come true!

I feel so much more productive at the beginning of the week. It’s truly amazing. Monday I think I prepped and cooked about 5 things for the week, and yesterday I did about 3. We rarely ever do our lawn care chores during the week, but with the impending rain forecast, and the beautiful holiday weekend ahead, we wanted to knock out some of the chores early. Stone absolutely loves mowing the grass with Grant. Story and I enjoy the view from the front door.

In this video we talk about trying little things at the start of your homestead, that will baby step your way to your big goals and dreams. If you’re anything like us, you want to do it all right NOW. but all good things take time and preparation.

We’re also really stoked to have our first 33 subscribers as of today, May 20, 2020!