staring is caring! (story update)

I could stare at this angel all day long. I know that sounds weird, but she has come so far in her 305 days of life. I can’t wait to know her more, to talk with her, to love her even more, to guide her heart. some days are hard because she CAN’T talk right now. some moms might joke that this is the easy part – “just wait until she can talk.”

you’re probably right. but since Stone is starting to talk, it has been sooooo fun and funny and we love hearing him learn new things. but we also giggle when he “talks back” to us. there is just something so cute and ironic about kids having opinions and being vocal about what they want or think they want. they are just trying to figure it out. honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how to express myself in an “appropriate” way. I’d say it’s a lifelong journey and we should all cut each other some slack.

yes it’s frustrating sometimes, for sure. communicating can be exhausting. repeating things can be infuriating. taking time to hear someone else can be time-consuming. especially when it’s against what we think or want. it’s hard.

but anyways, I can’t wait to stare at you more baby girl. because staring is caring, and I care about everything you do!

happy 10 months story!!!