meet-cute anniversary ; )


it’s one of my most favorite days to celebrate! it’s our meet-cute day ; ) the day where two unsuspecting main characters in what often feels like a sitcom, had a chance first meeting on a beach in southern maryland, exchanged some sarcastic jokes, and went to bed not realizing we had just met our forever person. six years ago, 2014, we met on this beach! (I actually took this stalker picture the night we met haha the arrow is pointing at grant paddleboarding. so glad I have this!!)

grant asked me on our first date 4 months later. then one year later, on the day we met, he proposed on that same beach.

oh good lordy I still get those first-time butterfly feelings when I think of this time in our lives. 64 days later we were married! 759 days later, we were a family of 3! and then 632 days after that, we were a family of 4!

I do not understand why God authored this love story and some days I forget to thank him, but today, I do not forget. I praise God for this story. I remember our shy, deep friendship talks, our butterfly, cloud 9 dating days, our fast-paced, whirlwind, busy first years married, our sweet, slow memories becoming parents, and the now ever-present intentional grind of being a self-sufficient, fully-reliant on God family. thank you for choosing and loving me babe. I love you. happy meeting + engagement anniversary; my most favorite holiday ever.