cancelling Netflix?

I’ve done a lot of growing and changing this year. I am journaling through the months to help me with my memory. and I want to share these things with you. things I’ve removed completely from my life and the things I’ve added in as replacements. one thing we decided to cancel was Netflix. we cancelled 3 weeks ago. 2 days later, massive social media rage came against the company for its stance on pedophilia.

call it coincidence. I call it Holy Spirit leading. did Netflix JUST become a hot spot for inappropriate content? no. did the world rage for good reason? yes. do all channels of entertainment pose a threat on our children and our own hearts? absolutely. even Instagram has a pretty lenient stance on pedophilia and promiscuity.

my point? it’s easy to vilify one thing. it can help us reconcile our own guilt for doing something while shaming others to follow our lead. Netflix is not the enemy. Disney is not the enemy. However, evil does exist within those companies. And we should protect our babies at all costs despite our own nostalgia. However, not all parents are there. Everyone is on their own journey. I want to expand on this more. and I will.