shabbat shalom

the slow down. rest.

for six days, we work. we multitask. we make the lists. we cross off the lists. we shop. we cook. we clean. 

now day seven is here, and we rest. completely.

this design is still for today. this gift was given by the Father, and after years of not knowing, not understanding, pushing it aside as old testament mumbo jumbo, we have grabbed hold of it in one of the most busy, productive times of our lives. 

i don’t find it ironic that we finally understand this commandment; i find it purposeful from the Father – right on time. Yah is trying to prune us from our desire to accomplish, among other things.

a full day of rest when we could be building a chicken coop? or clearing land for a shed? or organizing that hoarder extra room? 

it’s been an adjustment. we are learning. and unlearning. and studying. and talking. and praising Yah for his gift. 

behold, to obey is better than sacrifice.

shabbat shalom.