our garden a year later

when we bought our home, we were delighted to find these raised beds right below our kitchen window in the backyard. we had no intention of ever gardening in them, but we thought they were cute and added charm.

here’s how they stood a year ago. filled with leaves and the original soil and weeds and cement blocks.

and here they are today:

fast forward to April/may of this year, we decided to plant cucumbers and pepper plant starts we snagged from a road-side stand. we also planted very dead tomato plant starts a neighbor was giving away. I failed to water them or plant them fast enough and they were pretty much dead upon arrival into our soil, but we had hope (to NO avail). the cucumbers thrived, although they tasted nasty and we never actually ate them. our peppers were the most successful, producing all the way into October. hoping to seed-save from them for another year of planting and harvesting.

in august, we planted broccoli, carrots, and peas. all that has popped and thrived have been the peas and carrots. surprisingly! especially since we planted the carrots completely wrong and the peas 100% need a taller trellis and thinning out earlier on. oh well!

in October we planted garlic and we have high high hopes! we also found a rouge onion sprout thriving, and we are just gonna let it do its thing and see what happens.

gardening is by far my biggest fear and hurdle – I want to accomplish so much with little to no knowledge. but there is so much to learn and know and we truly are the excited to keep this skill fresh on our hearts. to provide for our family in this way and pass down the knowledge is worth it all.