joy-filled prep day!

as I’ve shared, we are very **baby new** to keeping the sabbath. and naturally, as with all new and different things we add to our lives, the adjustment has been uncomfortable. I’ve heard it said, and the Father is slowly revealing this to me as well, that by preparing ahead of time for major tasks like cooking, we are doing something tangible to set the day apart, and we’ll be freeing up our time to rest, spend time with family, and to worship (land of honey blog). in just our short time keeping the Sabbath, the prep can be stressful, but the stressed removed from Sabbath is *astounding* and I’m grateful!

so, today should be the day we prep everything for our day of full rest. all the cleaning and cooking should happen today. as I’ve been my *whole* life, I’m a procrastinator. and although the kids have a pretty routine schedule, I’m lacking in the schedule-area when it comes to daily cleaning.

but I really want to start! that’s my goal in December. I plan to follow a schedule like this:

but swapping Sabbath with the Sunday list. Sabbath will be all rest, all play, all praise and worship to Yah!

I’m also pretty rigid about laundry of Fridays. I make sure all dirty clothes are washed, dried and put away before sundown. Whatever dirties from Friday at sundown to Sunday at sunrise is basically *ignored.* It definitely puts the pressure on me to be more proactive during the week and so far, without much effort, my Friday loads aren’t unbearable. hopefully adding in the strategic cleaning schedule will help even more, rather than leaving it up to chance!

I like to run the dishwasher on Friday’s around 3pm. Breakfast and lunch dishes included and then all the dishes I may have used to prep dinner during nap. Then by 5pm, I can unload the dishwasher and again, whatever dirties gather during Sabbath is *ignored*.

other things I want to add in to the mix of Shabbat prep:

1. Make communion bread (should already have wine/grape juice in stock at home – but if not, stock up)

2. Start using disposable dishes/cutlery for Sabbath! as much as this one makes me *uncomfy* as I hate waste, I do think this will remove a lot of the stress of dishes piling up on Sabbath. if the day is meant to be peaceful and restful, the less stress I put on myself, the better.

3. While the kids nap on Fridays, I prep dinner. Now with Thanksgiving yesterday, I really *shouldn’t* make anything new or fresh today. We should use up what we have. But on a normal prep day, this is what I would do! I also whip up an easy chicken or tuna salad for lunches on Saturday. I haven’t perfected this part of my prep, but I’m working on it!

4. I want to slowly start incorporating small, meaningful activities, crafts or stories for the kids during dinner discussion. Like why we do this? Our gratitude for this commandment, etc. etc. We like to read Psalm 92 on Sabbath morning during breakfast but during Shabbat dinner the evening before, I’d like to start reading Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Isaiah 58:13.

5. Make challah (plus an extra loaf to give away!) An acquaintance suggested this and I thought it was *brilliant.*

6. I’d like to find some candle sticks and invest in some beeswax candles to light at dinner.

7. fresh flowers throughout the house also sounds beautiful. I bought a million flower seeds to plant this spring, and once they pop, I’m looking forward to harvesting right from our front yard.

8. music, music, music. still trying to navigate pure *praise to Yah* music that is appropriate and not associated with some theologies I do not align. maybe once I’ve found some good ones I’ll share. for now, we stick to classical piano music.

this is a process. this is a journey. this is a grace-filled gift Yah has blessed us with, and all we had to do as a family is obey. I walked this earth 33 years without understanding or knowing about this commandment. I mean, sure I knew the 10 commandments, but I was never ever taught what this set-apart day means or how to observe. so no, I do not have it all figured out. but my heart is willing to learn and unlearn pretty much anything at this point. we’ve received so much blessing so far, specifically in our marriage, and for that, all sacrifice and uncomfortableness is worth it.

may your prep day be filled with anticipation, and no stress, my friends!

If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him; If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles. For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be stedfast, and shalt not fear:

Job 11:13-15