5 Homemade Food Delights!

Hi everyone!

I had some pretty high expectations for myself this year in regards to the kitchen. I wanted to really conquer home-cooking, scratch-cooking, all things homemade.

I still have lots to learn and lots to try, but today I wanted to share 5 homemade food delights I’ve added to our menu that maybe you will also want to try!

  1. Mayonnaise! We make a batch a week, but we talked today about tripling the recipe lol we love mayo. Here’s the recipe I’ve been using:

2. Chicken! Wait a second. How can you home-make chicken? Well, what I mean is, we stopped buying chicken parts from the store, and started buying whole chickens from local farms. THEN, we went the ultimate route of RAISING our own meat birds to harvest and use throughout the year straight from our freezer.

Here’s my go-to whole chicken instant pot recipe:

3. Sourdough Starter! I knew I wanted to make homemade sourdough bread, but in order to do that, I needed some sourdough starter. Here’s the recipe I used to get my starter going:

I use this starter for breads, biscuits, pancakes, pizza dough, and some other dinner recipes.

Here’s video of my process of starting the sourdough starter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uke0dAjkTYw

4. Bread! I really, really wanted to have fresh bread for the family, so I set out, and learned an easy way to make 2 loaves a week.

I want to try more types, different recipes, etc. That’s next year’s goal. Here’s the recipe I use for our weekly bread:

5. Bone broth! Remember those chickens? Once they are cooked in the Instant Pot, I use the bones for bone broth! Simple, easy was to get that goodness straight on your daily menu. I love how there is practically ZERO waste. Here’s the bone broth recipe I use:

I guess I’ll also add the food staples we have that we didn’t make, but another local farm made! All the products are organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, no additives, no preservatives. Just really good, good organic local food!!

  • Raw goat milk
  • Raw goat milk yogurt
  • Raw cow milk
  • Raw cow Colby cheese
  • Raw cow Smoked Cheddar cheese
  • Bologna
  • Potato chips
  • Raw heavy cream
  • Raw sour cream
  • Raw cream cheese
  • Raw unsalted butter
  • Raw chocolate ice cream!

So, one day when we have a dairy cow, we can make all these goodies. And then when we have dairy goats, we can make these goodies. And then add in more cows, we can have our own beef and bologna and steaks and roasts. That’s the dream, folks! But until then, we will continue to support farms that already have the means and the desire to raise food and eat this way!

Ok, so next year goals for the kitchen:

  • homemade salsa (hoping our garden has a BOUNTY of tomatoes and jalapeños, and eventually onions!)
  • eggs (we have 10 laying hens (4 are mature and laid a few in the fall before they all started molting and production stopped!) and I’m so ready and excited for them to be producing insane amounts of eggs. it’s not technically homemade, but it kinda is too 😉 )
  • different bread recipes (I’d like to have a second sourdough starter using different flour!)
  • sprouts (I want to spout broccoli seeds, alfalfa, mung beans, all the seeds! not just for us, but for the chickens to eat. I want to create a sprouting shelf where we can just set and forget and harvest them weekly. we don’t have a ton of window space so we will have to get creative!)
  • milling wheat berries! (I want to buy (or grow??) organic non gmo wheat berries to then mill in the kitchen for fresh flour for all my recipes!)
  • sauerkraut (if our cabbages grow this year haha I’d love to try my hand at some sauerkraut!)
  • vinegar (yes, I want to learn how to make white and apple cider vinegar — it can’t be too hard, right?)


tell me all the homemade goodies you make in your kitchen! and share recipes too ❤