our ladies are finally laying!

september 2020 marks the month our first baby chicks arrived on our humble starter homestead.

we bought 5 sweet Buff Orpingtons which are considered a very family-friendly bird and ideal for beginner chick owners.

we’ve handled them from day one (even the kiddos hold them gracefully) – and we love how sweet and easy-going they have grown to be.

according to our research, our Buff Orpingtons were set to start laying around 24 weeks old. we were SO excited for that day to come! we purchased some ceramic “fake” eggs to lay in the nesting box of their coop to encourage production in the beginning of March 2021.

almost everyday I would peek in the nesting box to see if we had any surprises, but no. day after day, no eggs.

then, right on time, the day after they turned 24 weeks (on March 16, 2021), we found our FIRST egg. we were so excited. it’s so much smaller than our other hen eggs, as you can see in this comparison 🙂

since that 24 week mark, the 4 ladies have laid 17 eggs!! in one week! we are thrilled. all the hard work and anticipation coming to fruition; if you are a chicken lady/owner, you know the excitement.

we look forward to the egg bounty this year, using our free-range, organic eggs in all the recipes, and also storing our overflow for winter, when production is way down and we would normally rely on the grocery store or our neighbor who sells year-round.

if you’ve been wanting to jump into chicken life, now is the time! it’s such a fun hobby that also leads to so much joy for the whole family. we’ve got some more laying chicks on the way in April that we are excited to add to the flock – including some green and blue egg layers 🙂

enjoy this sunshine, my friends.