10 dozen!

just a chicken lady bragging about her egg count.

in march, our hens laid 113 eggs! that’s almost 10 dozen 🙂

here’s some chicken math for those interested. we have 8 laying hens. 4 are mature and have been laying since we adopted them. our other 4 are basically babies!

the littles started laying in the middle of the month, on March 16 – right when they turned 24 weeks old.

so our 8 hens gave us 113 eggs in 31 days – BUT our little ladies only produced 15 of those 31 days.

we also had our first “weird” egg. when I checked the coop, the egg was cracked just like this, with a yolk on each side of the shell. the shell was also super thin. so that was weird. not sure what happened, but it got counted in the tally haha

so, all that to say, we are overflowing with gratitude and so thankful to have just a small amount of self-sufficiency in this way.

if this rate keeps up for April, we might hit our goal of 180 in 30 days! stay tuned haha

right now we are getting 5-7 eggs a day. and I promise, I’ll always be this excited. and no, I’m never gonna say “egg-cited” don’t worry. 🙂