birthday traditions start now.

It's been a big year, and celebrating Stone's first birthday was a sweet, symbolic cherry on top. I'd say Grant and I aren't the typical traditional type. We rarely even remember to buy each other cards and gifts on special occasions (but do NOT worry - we NEVER forget about going out to eat for [...]

rachy gets married!

i've had the privilege of being friends with rachael since we were in elementary school. she has been apart of the biggest milestones in my life & i'm forever grateful for her friendship. & she got married last weekend! to the love of her life, pat. it was a classically BEAUTIFUL wedding. i hope you [...]


"it's okay to not be okay." - exhale by plumb i first heard this song as it blasted through my headphones on one of my "forced" long runs. yes, forced. there was time i would run every day, whenever i had the time. that season has come & possibly gone. with the addition of a [...]