bird poop

so i noticed this morning my car is victim to much a bird poop. gross i know. but that means that spring is here, y'all. yesterday was the first true warm day in a while and it felt amazing. birds invaded the front yard. we leaf blowed the front yard on sunday, unveiling a yard [...]


"it's okay to not be okay." - exhale by plumb i first heard this song as it blasted through my headphones on one of my "forced" long runs. yes, forced. there was time i would run every day, whenever i had the time. that season has come & possibly gone. with the addition of a [...]


no, no. that's so silly. here's the thing: i like being alone. i like being around people. i have a healthy balance. sure, it took me 20+ years to figure it out, but YES, it's okay to be alone. it's ok to recharge. it's ok to take breaks from social media. it's ok to not [...]