Dear Stone,

Our baby boy is 6 months old! Grant and I wanted to remember all the things we love about our sweet boy, Stone. Hope you like it! (video below)


New JOB?!

New JOB?!

effective today jan 24, i’ve accepted the position of full-time stay-at-home mom! most of you know i’ve worked at my church since i graduated college (9 years ago!!) & it has been one amazing journey. i matured as a woman working in ministry, learning alongside the best leaders & pastors you can dream of! working [...]

i’m in floridaaaaa

hello hello. welcome to day one of florida vacation! it was a simple day of traveling & a nice dinner on the beach. it's super windy here! & super adorable! & i can't wait to explore more 🙂 PRESS PLAY:

vlogging like a boss.

i've been catching up on my life the past couple of weeks. have you subscribed to my youtube channel yet? i know, it's a dang pain. but this way you won't miss sassy car rides like this one:


just saying hiiiiiiiiiii. my bestie & her cute little fam are visiting maryland for september. my heart hasn't been this full since they left for honduras nine months ago. i'll be cherishing these moments as best i can. ps: on a scale from one to a billion, how cute is baby jordan?