through smoke.

i'm actually a huge smell person - super particular. there are tons of smells i love. & tons of smells i dislike. one of my absolute favorites is that distinct, stuck-in-your-clothes, drenching your hair, bonfire scent. it's, by far, the essence of so many great memories: whether it's camping, on the beach, in the backyard. [...]


i hate comcast.

originally this was going to be a tutorial on how to successfully talk to a robot 17 times & still have the same end result: a house without access to the outside world. alright y'all - i was going to rant about my hatred towards comcast bc a) it was the one thing on my [...]

arms wide open.

i have done it. it's official. i will be running . . . racing . . . in my fourth half marathon in april.   it's also official that these "running-slumps" i read about on blogs are true-real-life-stuff.   my last race was on december 3, 2011. i have been in a running slump ever [...]


Kindness.   It's a rare trait. i sometimes think i don't possess such a trait, at.all.   one man that did is my grandfather, john. he's been in my life since day one. all i have ever known. he was different. a very different man.   my grandmother, ruthie, a very outgoing woman, and john, [...]


Orange peels. I passed a few on my run this past weekend. I thought to myself, "Orange peel. Watch out! Oh, wait. It's not a banana peel . . . you should be safe Etley." That conversation with myself may or may not have happened. What did happen was this. "Dang, orange peel. Hey, it's [...]