Fall Williamsburg Vacation – Historic + Beautiful

Fall Williamsburg Vacation – Historic + Beautiful

hey guys! this is about a month overdue, but we took a week vacation to colonial williamsburg, virginia back in october. it was relaxing and super fun! 10/10 i recommend! we stayed at wyndham patriot place, fyi. i also highly recommend. SUPER family friendly, especially if you like hanging outside. only complaint was the employees [...]

Stoney is 9 months!

This baby. This life-changer! We love you baby boy! you've got SOOO many teeth popping that I literally can't count them all! You can't NOT smile at every person you make eye contact with -- heck, you'll stare at people until they look at you and smile! You are a social butterfly, baby! I can't [...]

7 months!

Stoney turned 7 months old last Friday! He's 20 pounds with two teeth, loves to run around the house in his walker (looks a lot like bumper cars), he's obsessed with his daddy, still exclusively breastfed (slowly letting him taste some foods), sleeping 9 hours night, taking about 2 naps a day, smiles at everyone [...]