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assisting faith-based farm + homestead entrepreneur families.

Capture Your Creative

You’ve built your farm from the ground up. Countless hours creating, sleepless nights dreaming, all bringing you to this moment – a thriving business. You’re finding each day to be filled with new opportunities, leaving your to-do list ignored yet again. The homestead is calling you, but the business needs you. You need help. You’re ready to let go. I can help bring you relief by managing the details and partnering with you on the operations you need to oversee.

Hello! I’m Alicia

When I’m not chasing my kiddos, I’m chasing my chickens around our humble homestead. Seeing the desire of mamas who want to be a steward of their land and help others find their way back to the garden is why I do what I do. The heart of my business is to liberate creators, gardeners and homemakers to dream by managing all the details. There is pure joy in bringing your ideas to life, but the details can get overwhelming. It’s time to do what only YOU can do and leave the rest to me.