date night // just me + husband

hello! Grant and I head out for an intense "business meeting" and then enjoy some beautiful weather in a local park and then go see "Ma" at the movies! enjoy! I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Stone is 18 months old. Grant is a hunk.


hello! first vlog in 9 months!

(from may 20, 2019) hey hi! enjoy this small dip back into vlogging 🙂 stone is 17 months and I’m 24 weeks pregnant. wanting to really remember this season. thanks for watching.  

on friendship.

on friendship.

MARRIAGE & FRIENDSHIP: Grant & I are like 110% complete opposites. He is the sweetest person, laughs at pretty much everything I say or do, constantly wants to serve me in some way. He has zero drama in his life, he's easy to please and loyal behind measure. Me, well I'm highly unpredictable, very needy, [...]