weekend trip: charlotte

earlier this month, g and i took a road trip down to charlotte, nc. it was our first road trip together - and we now know that i have serious driving anxiety and i should always pack a pillow to sit on for long drives. i'm a super fun wife. the weather in charlotte happened [...]

young love.

it's wedding season, so i've heard. & practically all my friends are getting married. so i guess it's true! young love. it's a song, it's a thing. people say it all the time. i remember three years ago, while i was in honduras for the first time, where i watched young love grow. bekah & [...]

a soccer player & a dancer: an unlikely friendship

it's not everyday you get to skip math class to write about the beach boys concert. it was 2005. i was an excited, vulnerable senior in high school, ready to graduate. my best friend rachael and i were editors of the school newspaper. this was big-deal stuff. i got to skip other classes to meet deadlines. it was a pretty [...]