less traveled.

day eight: " . . . that's the magic of lent, i think, that you sign yourself up for something, hoping maybe that god will slide something new into your life with him, and when he does, it's never what you thought, and never what would have been easy, and always just the right thing. [...]


sike. we aren't having a drought. no way. it feels like it has rained the past month. it's not truth, but it's what it feels like - - - & sometimes feelings are so strong you start to believe them as truth. luckily, i remember sunny days & i shut up about the rain. day [...]

valentine’s day.

what a lovely, ordinary day february 14th is for a single gal. no expectations. none whatsoever. it's a beautifully freeing holiday. some people look at it as sad when they're single, but not i. no, i'm choosing to look at vday for what it really is, which is day to brag about your love, & [...]