thrifty tuesday: tricky

thrifty tuesday: tricky

step one: buy your entire outfit for under $5 step two: find one of your thrifty shirts to throw over one of your thrifty dresses. step three: roll said thrifty shirt up so it looks like it's the top of said thrifty dress. step four: ask photographer if he knew it was a shirt over [...]

thrifty tuesday: 4 random things

hello. just a few little things i wanna share tonight. a) digging this book b) loving this song c) lusting after this d) learning from this --- welcome back to dat thrifty tuesday post, y'all. i woke up to freezing rain this morning -- so all my desire & drive to create an adorable outfit & [...]

thrifty tuesday: vaca edition

as if it even needs to be said - - i'm on vacation!! #vaca #florida #lazy #sleep #read #eat #repeat i'm having a darn good time. a simple, darn good time. this week's thrifty tuesday outfit is totes vaca inspired, naturally. i went thrifting a couple of weeks ago & i think some smart smart [...]