Science Fair Project Gone Wrong

Science Fair Project Gone Wrong

i never really thought about breastfeeding before becoming a mom. i knew i wanted to do it, but that was about as far i went. 💫 when Stone was born, and the nurse put him on my chest, i watched him root around for seconds before finding his food. i was in complete amazement. that [...]


decorating on a budget: bridal shower edition

typical protocol for bridal showers is that the bridesmaids & maid of honor plan & execute a lovely, cute event. you must first follow these steps: 1. pick a date - usually about a month before the wedding 2. pick a location - depending on the month, weather could be an issue, so obviously take [...]

valentine’s day.

what a lovely, ordinary day february 14th is for a single gal. no expectations. none whatsoever. it's a beautifully freeing holiday. some people look at it as sad when they're single, but not i. no, i'm choosing to look at vday for what it really is, which is day to brag about your love, & [...]