Milk Does The Body GOOD

Milk Does The Body GOOD

before i continue with my journey breastfeeding, i have to reflect on how i got here. 💫 i don't believe my mom nursed me very long after i was born. as we all know, nursing is full of different sacrifices and it just doesn't work out for some mamas. so my knowledge of breastfeeding was [...]



day five: god's love: my example. it's not a fairytale, picture-perfect, gift basket kinda love. god's love is ridiculously bigger than that. & he wants us to experience it. it's the unexpected in life; it's the beauty that's not planned; it's the gems that sneak up on you - that weren't on the to-do list; [...]

a soccer player & a dancer: an unlikely friendship

it's not everyday you get to skip math class to write about the beach boys concert. it was 2005. i was an excited, vulnerable senior in high school, ready to graduate. my best friend rachael and i were editors of the school newspaper. this was big-deal stuff. i got to skip other classes to meet deadlines. it was a pretty [...]

the surprise hunt.

yesterday was a hard day. i woke up at 2 am and tried to assemble myself in an orderly fashion to take my best friend & her family to the airport. as we arrived at Reagan National, i looked at tracy, said what i needed to say & handed her a gift. she reached into her [...]