lately, i've been in the winter funk and ain't nobody gonna change that. i've been trying though - really trying to be grateful through this season. it happens every year, so i really shouldn't surprised. my husband? well, he's learning. i keep telling him: "you married me. all of me. even this season of me." [...]


sike. we aren't having a drought. no way. it feels like it has rained the past month. it's not truth, but it's what it feels like - - - & sometimes feelings are so strong you start to believe them as truth. luckily, i remember sunny days & i shut up about the rain. day [...]

july, i’m excited.

so, we are half way through the year. hallelujah, it's been a good 181 days! moving forward to the next half of 2013, i'm gonna celebrate with a july photo challenge! whattttt. day one: happiness is: the end of a rainy, humid summer day, wondering how the sun will set tonight. seeing a camper & [...]