thrifty tuesday: spring has sprung!

thrifty tuesday: spring has sprung!

i'm showing my ankles today, y'all. growing up in maryland, you'd think i'd be used to these seasons changing. but i swear, every year i am SO surprised by the cold. by the darkness. by the snow. such is life . . . but SPRING IS HERE. glory glory hallelujah. & it's time for another [...]


thrifty tuesday: vaca edition

as if it even needs to be said - - i'm on vacation!! #vaca #florida #lazy #sleep #read #eat #repeat i'm having a darn good time. a simple, darn good time. this week's thrifty tuesday outfit is totes vaca inspired, naturally. i went thrifting a couple of weeks ago & i think some smart smart [...]

thrifty tuesday.

i hate to rub it in. really, i do. but i will be in sunny sunny warm beautiful florida in 11 short, short days. so to prepare myself, i went with a little ankle action for today's thrifty tuesday outfit. ha! if you're new to thrifty tuesday - don't feel too left out - i [...]

thrifty tuesday!

it snowed today! the first of 2015. it was kinda pretty, actually. welcome to thrifty tuesday - - i've been scoring BIG at the thrift store lately - & i wanna share with you my goodies. do you thrift? i usually stick to clothes - let me know what you like to buy. deets: sweater: [...]