28 weeks.

28 weeks.

28 weeks. Third trimester. To my sweet baby girl. I feel you wiggle and kick and dance all day long. I love how much you want to be known and loved, even in the womb. I pray you always know how much we love you but even more how much God loves you. He knit [...]

One Month Postpartum UPDATE

One month postpartum update! Whoohoo! Here are the topics I talk about: 1. placenta encapsulation 2. supplements 3. probiotics 4. water/hydration 5. spiritual time/growth 6. exercise 7. recovery down below! 8. weight loss 9. cooking & activities around the house 10. showering 11. visitors 12. going out with baby 13. marriage 14. taking pictures and [...]

valentine’s day.

what a lovely, ordinary day february 14th is for a single gal. no expectations. none whatsoever. it's a beautifully freeing holiday. some people look at it as sad when they're single, but not i. no, i'm choosing to look at vday for what it really is, which is day to brag about your love, & [...]