sloppy dating.

sloppy dating.

Waiting for you and you alone was worth it. ••• 27 seems OLD to find the boyfriend that becomes your husband, but IT’S NOT OLD. it’s perfect. We did the messy growing up BEFORE we met each other (i mean, we still have messy stuff to go through but the maturity to see our weaknesses [...]

Fall Williamsburg Vacation – Historic + Beautiful

Fall Williamsburg Vacation – Historic + Beautiful

hey guys! this is about a month overdue, but we took a week vacation to colonial williamsburg, virginia back in october. it was relaxing and super fun! 10/10 i recommend! we stayed at wyndham patriot place, fyi. i also highly recommend. SUPER family friendly, especially if you like hanging outside. only complaint was the employees [...]

coming home.

it's over, y'all. what a GREAT start to 2015 though. seriously. time away has set the pace for the year. will i need another vaca in the fall? YES ABSOLUTELY. but until then . . . i can always look back on florida & smile. rest is so good for the soul. PRESS PLAY 🙂

thrifty tuesday: vaca edition

as if it even needs to be said - - i'm on vacation!! #vaca #florida #lazy #sleep #read #eat #repeat i'm having a darn good time. a simple, darn good time. this week's thrifty tuesday outfit is totes vaca inspired, naturally. i went thrifting a couple of weeks ago & i think some smart smart [...]

i’m in floridaaaaa

hello hello. welcome to day one of florida vacation! it was a simple day of traveling & a nice dinner on the beach. it's super windy here! & super adorable! & i can't wait to explore more 🙂 PRESS PLAY:

thrifty tuesday.

i hate to rub it in. really, i do. but i will be in sunny sunny warm beautiful florida in 11 short, short days. so to prepare myself, i went with a little ankle action for today's thrifty tuesday outfit. ha! if you're new to thrifty tuesday - don't feel too left out - i [...]