28 weeks.

28 weeks.

28 weeks. Third trimester. To my sweet baby girl. I feel you wiggle and kick and dance all day long. I love how much you want to be known and loved, even in the womb. I pray you always know how much we love you but even more how much God loves you. He knit [...]


date night // just me + husband

hello! Grant and I head out for an intense "business meeting" and then enjoy some beautiful weather in a local park and then go see "Ma" at the movies! enjoy! I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Stone is 18 months old. Grant is a hunk.

hello! first vlog in 9 months!

(from may 20, 2019) hey hi! enjoy this small dip back into vlogging 🙂 stone is 17 months and I’m 24 weeks pregnant. wanting to really remember this season. thanks for watching.