well - it was more like a mini-moon. my job was to plan to wedding - - grant's job was to plan the honeymoon. & plan he did! due to the timing of our wedding, we weren't able to take a long honeymoon like most. so we decided a two-night stay somewhere local would do the [...]


i'm not a city girl. parallel-parking gives me anxiety. loud noises annoy me. one way streets catch me off guard. i like big parking lots. crickets & frogs singing their songs. wide open highways & winding back roads. country living is my thing, yet, surprisingly, there are days when i crave the city-life. monday was [...]

i forgot a title.

it's been a week since my sweet little harry-boy passed away. pets passing away is definitely difficult. i've had harry since i was 5. got him as my 5th birthday present. i named him & everything. he's been through every milestone of my last twenty years. & yes, he was just two weeks short of [...]